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1. Remedial and Therapeutic Massage

remedial massageAlmost everybody develops aches & pains from sport, activity or injuries, or from inactivity, tension or stress. Intelligent massage can help treat or reverse these conditions & complaints. Working on the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic & nervous systems together, a good massage creates a sense of wholeness & wellbeing.

Su uses a variety of techniques to tailor a treatment to suit your needs & preferences. She works at a medium to slow pace, allowing your tissues to release & adapt comfortably, using pressure & depth most suitable to your body type. Basically, you are in control of the comfort level in your treatment and Su is happy to work with your feedback throughout the treatment.

Her focus is the treatment of injuries, muscular scarring or restrictive conditions & complaints, assisting in preventing strains or healing injuries, & to encourage healthy range of muscular movement, easing discomfort & tension.

These massages can be done on almost anybody, be done on any part of the body or limbs, or fully release the whole body.  Sessions may go from 15 minutes to 2 hours at your choice, & may incorporate structural alignment, deep tissue work, reiki or other techniques, as you request.

2. Cranio Sacral Balancing

A subtle yet powerful healing technique, to help relieve pain and past trauma residue, CSB works with the rhythm that surrounds the brain and spinal column. This is so gentle that it is suitable for babies, children, the elderly, & in fragile or acutely painful conditions, by complementing the body's natural healing processes.

As the touch used is gentle, but firm and reassuring, patients who receive CSB report a feeling of ease, comfort & relaxation, increased sense of general wellbeing long after the session.

CSB Wellness on the move Logohas helpful in treating a wide range of medical problems and dysfunction, including: Migraine Headaches, Post-Traumatic Stress, learning  & behavioural disorders, Seizures, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Emotional Difficulties, Stress associated problems, Tinnitus, TMJ, Chronic Pain Syndromes, Arthritis & Joint Pain, Neuralgia, Fibromyalgia & other Connective-Tissue Disorders, Traumatic Injuries including Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries, CNS Disorders, Stroke & Post Operative Rehabilitation

3. Myofascial Release

Not all physical tension is muscular! Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves, binding those structures together in much the same manner as shrink wrap can be used to hold the contents of packages together. It consists of several layers (superficial, deep, and visceral fascia) and extends uninterrupted from the head to the tip of the toes. Just like a shortened rope, fascial tightness can restrict our whole body.

Myofascial Release uses deep steady pressure, creating slow or gradual movement through soft tissue adhesions (knots & tightness). This helps break down old scar tissue, reduce muscle stiffness, & release trapped nerves. This method can help change old movement patterns, & help with treatment of chronic injuries, which respond to treatment, but come back.

These conditions may include: muscle tension in the neck and shoulders or lower back, chronic back or jaw pain, carpal tunnel problems, Fibromyalgia, dizziness or vertigo, Post-Polio syndrome, TMJ disorder, or whiplash.

4. Reiki

Reiki is a gentle simple but powerful hands-on therapeutic practice, reputed to have developed from an ancient Tibetan form of healing through touch. It is based on a specific energy attunement process which amplifies the appropriate flow of life-force energy.

Reiki helps reduce stress & promote healing, and can easily be learned as a self-help technique, or for use among your loved ones to help settle & encourage each other. Practitioners believe Reiki treatments help bring greater mental clarity & intuition & aid meditation & relaxation techniques.
Often used during chronic and acute illnesses, and in conjunction with other therapies, Reiki can also be used to help conditions such as headaches, back pain, insomnia, skin problems & emotional distress. It is especially useful for those people who through pain, fragility and physical or emotional discomfort, find firmer touch uncomfortable.

5. Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Fighting feelings of fatigue and stress? Recovering from recent surgery, illness or injury? Various health issues or toxic compromises may mean that your lymph system needs help to eliminate waste from your body.

The lymphatic system works in close cooperation with other body systems to:
Aid the immune system in destroying pathogens and filtering waste so that the lymph can be safely returned to the circulatory system.

Remove excess fluid, waste, toxins and pathogens from the cells and the tissue spaces between them.

The lymphatic system also works with the circulation to effectively deliver nutrients, oxygen and hormones from the blood to the cells throughout the body.

In lymph-oedema affected tissues, the lymph is unable to drain properly. Within these swollen tissues the protein-rich lymph becomes stagnant. When bacteria enter this fluid through a break in the skin, they thrive on this protein-rich fluid. It is for this reason that lymphedema affected tissues are prone to infections.

This is a very light, rhythmic massage, done in the Vodder method originating from Austria, which encourages the drainage of excess lymph freely through the body. Regular 1-hour sessions are ideal. MLD is very beneficial for new whiplash injuries and other such swellings, as well as post-cancer treatment.

6. Pregnancy Massage

Unsure of the do's and don'ts of massage during pregnancy?  Su has special training to perform pregnancy massage, plus ten years’ experience.  There are many physical benefits to specialised Pregnancy Massage, in addition to the nurturing and emotional support provided by Su. Regular massage throughout the pregnancy appears to shorten labour time and the return to optimal fitness after birth.

Extra care must be taken during the first trimester but Pregnancy Massage can be beneficial throughout the whole pregnancy, if tailored to the current specific needs. Using a combination of Swedish and Remedial techniques, Su helps relieve the tensions and pains experienced during pregnancy, often caused by the extra weight and shift in the centre of gravity. Massage during pregnancy helps reduce peripheral swelling, soothe the nervous system, helps to prevent insomnia, muscle cramps and back pain.

Various techniques are used as you progress through your pregnancy and massage may be performed whilst you are lying on your side, seated, or supported on your back. Once the pregnancy is advanced, you are discouraged from lying on your back as this may cause pressure on deep blood vessels and stress your baby. You can either choose a full-body treatment or just have your problem areas (e.g. feet or lower back) attended to – it’s you choice.

7. Oncology Massage

Many people with cancer wonder whether any complementary therapies can help them. The answer is, done correctly, definitely Yes!  Massage and other gentle body-based practices that focus on the positive effects of human touch are popular and important for well-being.

Touch is especially needed during illness. It is a powerful expression of care, acceptance and emotional nourishment. During a medical procedure, before surgery, or in the midst of discomfort or anxiety, you will probably find that touch from friends or family can be very soothing.

Mental well-being and strength are important elements of cancer recovery. Massage is an excellent way to help manage stress and build a positive, empowered approach to your health. Massage is not a cure for cancer, but it may help to diminish the side effects of conventional treatments.

Massage - a powerful expression of care, acceptance and emotional nourishment -is one of the most popular complementary therapies - often used in conjunction with conventional mainstream medicine treatments.

Comfort-oriented massage helps to lower anxiety and pain, induce calm, reduce fatigue, regulate depression, and decrease nausea. Additionally, massage can improve sleep patterns, lessen nerve damage disturbances, raise mental alertness and bring about sudden improvements in how we perceive our quality of life.

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8. Hot Stones Remedial and Therapeutic Massage

hot stonesSu's hot stone massage uses smooth, flat, and heated basalt rocks with high heat retention, placed at key points on the back to help ease out tension and muscular knots. While these stationary stones are working their magic, Su will use oiled stones and hands to massage other areas, such as the back of your legs, before removing the placements stones and works the back and neck areas. The heat of the rocks causes muscles to relax, thus allowing Su to apply deeper, more precise pressure if desired or necessary.

Hot stones massage can be used as a relaxation method, or as a specific remedial treatment, depending or the time allowed and your requirements.


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